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Sherma F


Excellent results and very good care.

Athleen M


My whole experience has been great! Thanks!

Vesta F


I would not hesitate to recommend Pure Hearing and Jordan Bigler for your hearing aid needs. Jordan was most thorough and patient. Planning each step of the process from the hearing test to the wearing of hearing aids, from the costs, to the maintenance of the devices. I now "Hear Happy".





One of the advantages that come with working with Pure Hearing was the opportunity to wear the hearing aids for several weeks before purchasing them. That gave me the opportunity to see how they changed what I was hearing in many different settings. With a severe hearing loss, I had stopped paying attention to conversations around me. While still not perfect - I am now having to pay attention because I can hear much more of what is going on around me.

Marr F

Layton -9/14/2016

Good hearing now.

Margret B


Donna K


I was very pleased, on how I was able to test different hearing aids without a mention of money.



E S.


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